Introducing a new coffee from Guatemala... Candelaria

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We at Combat Coffee + Tea are proud to introduce a wonderful coffee from the Huehuetenango Region of Guatemala: Candelaria!

Huehuetenango is located in the Western Highlands of northwest Guatemala, on the border with Mexico. It was already a Mayan settlement long before (AD 250-600) the Spanish conquest of the fortified city of Zaculeu in 1525. The area contains a number of Meso-american pyramids with slope and panel style architecture and double stairways. These pyramids and other governmental palaces are arranged around a series of large public plazas. There is also a ball court for playing the Meso-american ballgame thought to be similar to racquetball where the goal was to keep the ball in play. 

Since its primary export is coffee, Huehuetenango is one of the most important growing regions in Guatemala. It has a  variety of microclimates and growing altitudes high in the mountains, up to 2,000 meters ASL (6562 Ft)  which produce bright, sweet coffees with a strong body and distinctive fruit favors. Most of the coffee grown in this region is grown by farmers of the Mam ethnic group, descendants of the Mayans, which is hand picked to ensure ripeness and sun-dried, giving the beans a beautiful green-blue hue.

Coffee producers in Huehuetenango are proud of the quality of their coffee and in many cases are 3rd or 4th generation coffee growers. Local tradition hasn’t stopped the adoption of technology though—Farmers have quickly embraced the latest agricultural practices to continue to improve their farms. This blend of tradition and technology makes coffee from Huehuetenango unique in Guatemala.


The bird on our Candelaria coffee label is the Quetzal. The national bird of Guatemala.

Single Origin

Fair Trade

Acidity & Brightness: Balanced

Body & Texture: Balanced

Flavors: Lemon, pear, spice, pecan, light oral, dark chocolate

Processing: Hand picked, depulped, naturally fermented, and fully washed.

Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai, Typica, Pacamara

Location: Carefully selected farms from the Huehuetenango community

Species: Arabica

Elevation: 4900– 6600 ft.

Drying method:Sun Dried 

Harvest period: Begins in September in lower areas; ends in April in highest regions

 Grade:Fancy Strictly Hard Bean

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