Riveter - Medium Roast - Colombian

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Riveter - Medium Roast - Colombia

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Coffees from the Nariño region are the highest grown coffees from Colombia resulting in a coffee that is well-balanced, with high acidity, medium body and a lingering citric sweetness. 

Single Origin

Acidity & Brightness: Bright

Balance & Finish: delicious caramel, cocoa sweetness, creamy long-lasting aftertaste

Body & Texture: Medium, Clean

Flavors: Stone fruit, bittersweet chocolate, almond, citrus

Processing: fully washed, hand picked, fully sun dried

Varieties: Castillo/Colombia (46,3%) Caturra (53.7%)

Location: Nariño

Species: Arabica

Elevation: 5,500 – 7200 ft.

Drying method: Wet and Dry Mill

Harvest period: April - August 

Grade: Colombia Excelso Nariño, European Preparation

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