Gunpowder Green Tea - Loose Leaf - 3oz

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Gunpowder Green Tea - 3oz - Loose Leaf -   This centuries old Chinese green tea is named for its resemblance to gunpowder pellets. This delicious tea is rolled to protect the quality of the leaves and preserve freshness. Gunpowder Green Tea is a full-bodied tea with hints of smoke and a lingering citrus flavor. 

Ingredients: Green Tea


Loose Leaf

Contains Caffeine

Instructions: Using fresh cold water, Heat to 180° (not boiling) . Use 2-3 grams per 8oz of water. Because these leaves are tightly rolled, you might need one 1 teaspoon to reach 2 grams.  Steep 2 minutes. If a stronger tea is desired use more tea rather than steeping longer to avoid a bitter taste.