White Knuckles - Dark Roast - Sumatra

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White Knuckles - Dark Roast - Sumatra

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This specialty coffee is grown on the ridge of a mountain range that cuts through the heart of North Sumatra. Rich, fertile soil that requires minimal fertilizer produces some of the biggest and most tantalizing beans of the region. Hand picked and hand prepped, this coffee bean is well cared for by locals who take pride in their product. 

Single Origin


Fair Trade

Acidity & Brightness: Mild

Body & Texture: Delicate

Flavors: Fig, Lemon, Cocoa nibs

Processing: Semi Washed Wet Hulled

Varieties: Variety Sumatra Lake Tawar

Location: Narata Nauli

Species: Arabica

Elevation: 3200– 5250 ft.

Drying method: Sun Dried

Harvest period: September - January

Grade: Triple Picked