Victory - Medium Roast - Guatemala

Victory - Medium Roast - Guatemala

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Victory - Medium Roast - Guatemala

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Guatemala’s name comes from the ancient Nahuatl language, meaning “place of many trees.” It’s fitting that this verdant Central American country has become one of the world’s most beloved coffee producers . With towering mountains reaching more than 13100 feet above sea level, Guatemala’s highlands are well suited for producing Arabica beans with a broad range of flavors resulting in some of the worlds finest and most distinctive coffees.  


Single Origin

Sustainably Grown

Acidity & Brightness: Mild

Body & Texture: Heavy

Flavors: Dark Chocolate, Toasted Walnut, Raisin

Processing:  Washed

Varieties: Catuai, Pache, Caturra, Bourbon

Location: Nuevo Oriente

Species: Arabica

Elevation: 4900– 6600 ft.

Drying method:Sun Dried 

Harvest period: Begins in September in lower areas; ends in April in highest regions

 Grade:Fancy Strictly Hard Bean

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